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August Love My Hips

Hello August This month we are focusing on our hips and giving them some lovin’! A lot of the time we focus on stretching and opening the hips, this is due to many of us having tight hips. There are so many muscles around the hip, making it a massive joint. All these muscles surrounding […]

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June Bottoms Up

This month we are getting upside down! Don’t worry, we’re not going to be making you flip up into a handstand! We want you to have a play with the idea of inversions. Making inversions accessible. We are going to be focusing on getting our bottoms up. Thinking about getting our hips and bottoms higher […]

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April Powerhouse

Hello April! And hello Spring! Finally the weather seems to be heading in a warmer and sunnier direction! This months intention is ‘Powerhouse’. Power. Strength. Control. And above all, F U N!! We want to focus on the core this month. This is something that we do focus on in class and practice, but not […]

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