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August Love My Hips

Hello August This month we are focusing on our hips and giving them some lovin’! A lot of the time we focus on stretching and opening the hips, this is due to many of us having tight hips. There are so many muscles around the hip, making it a massive joint. All these muscles surrounding […]

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July Melting Forwards

The past few weeks have been SO HOT. As a result of this amazing, but very hot weather, we are  slowing it down this month. This months intention is all about melting… melting forward, moving gently, with the breath and with awareness. We are also going to be taking advantage of heat, using it to […]

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Yoga Chew Valley: New To Yoga?

Starting can seem daunting if you are new to yoga.  Here are 5 tips to help you on your way:  1. Yoga Is Not A Competition Your yoga practice is all about you, so there’s literally nobody to compete with! Yep, it’s human nature to want to glance around the room, particularly at those super […]

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